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In today's Boston Globe Magazine is an article that shows me that we just don't get it in our culture. Too bad that no one offered this young woman any real choices, but rather assumed that she would of course choose prenatal euthanasia for her unborn. Here is a site that shows the other choices, real choice, that show true love for the baby and not just ones self.
Today's Sunday thought from William Luse is much better reading. He quotes more Malcom Muggeridge on Humanae Vitae. "In a family, you don't throw out the specimens that are not up to scratch. In a family you recognize that some will be intelligent and some will be stupid, some will be beautiful and some will be ugly."

I don't think we are there any more (if, indeed, we ever were). The pressure for that "one perfect child of each sex" is incredible. Those of you who have not had children in the last 15 years would be totally astounded at the amount of genetic testing we are required to offer (In some states, by statute - in others by the dictates of our professional organizations and the 'community standard of practice'). Search and destroy missions, I call them.
When will we learn?


you were asking at one point about article ideas. These 'search and destroy' missions sound provocative to me.

totally unquestioned: the assumption that being incontinent and mobility-impaired (even if that diagnosis was correct) is so horrific that prenatal euthanasia is the only option.

We have all this technology that could be used to provide so much assistance to the disabled, and yet our culture thinks the best help we can give them is to take their lives.

"...everyone said it was the right thing to do even my Catholic father and Republican father-in-law." Like that's supposed to make it OK or something. Ick.

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