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A question. What it triumphalism, and why is it considered a bad thing?

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T. S. O'Rama has read a comment I left chez Alicia to mean, "Steven Riddle seems to see triumphalism as saying what you are thinking." As this is a misapprehension of my intent, if not my actual words and as... Read More


Triumphalism is a pejorative designation for "the doctrine, attitude, or belief that one religious creed is superior to all others". (definition from

Sounds fine with me! :-)

Actualy, I approve of triumphalism as a matter of doctrine or belief, but one must always avoid an arrogant attitude: one does not so much possess the truth as a mere object, but one is possessed by Him who is Truth Itself.

That's a very interesting question. By RC's dictionary definition triumphalism doesn't sound so bad. I've taken it to mean the disregarding of ideas of those outside the fold - as if we can't learn anything from non-Catholics. But that seems to be a stretch of the definition.

Dear Alicia,

I think RC touches on the important point. The doctrine is not nearly so pernicious as its worst practitioners. Think of the devout fundamentalist who starts the conversation with "Do You Know Jesus Christ as your personal savior?" And upon hearing that yes, you do, you are Catholic, announces, "Well then, don't you realize you're going to hell for all those man-made tradtions you follow?" This is triumphalism on the other side.

Triumphalism is rarely pretty in practice and tends to gloss over the more human failings of a particular institution in the interests of preserving the sense of "betterness."



Dear Alicia,

On thing I forgot. It also tends to a kind of schadenfreude at the difficulties experienced by another faith for some failing. Witness the recent Catholic rash of "Well what can you expect from a bunch of heretics" (with respect to the Episcopalian debacle). While the statement has a certain logical validity, it is a kind of crowing that simply isn't very pretty or terribly civil when phrased in certain ways.

All depends upon the practice. I maintain that the Catholic Church is the embodiment of the fullness of the faith and was established by its Head, Jesus Christ. That is triumphalism in doctrine. In practice, I only make this statement when it is needed for clarification about something I'm going to say with respect to ecumenism and respecting others.



For me personally, triumphism is when that light went off in my head and relief swept over my body and peace came to my spirit... that the church I was born into by chance, and came back to in spirit really and truly was the correct path, and I could prove it logically, spiritually, theologically, historically! It was just an awesome feeling!

Now the trick, that comes with maturity I suppose, is to be able to express that awe in humility.

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