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I was sent a link to The American Thinker. It looks more like an online daily paper than a blog, but what do I know? There are some interesting comments there, but I don't agree with all of them.

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Thanks to Alicia (Fructus Ventris) for pointing out The American Thinker, an online opinion journal. I haven't read everything out there, but the one article I did read, Abortion and Political Realignment, was excellent.... Read More


The abortion whitewash article is interesting, about the link between elective abortion and birth control. As a woman and a mother, it really angers me when such information is kept away from the patient/consumer. But hey, at least we're safe from those nasty diet pills!!!

I liked the article, "Abortion and Political Realignment". While things are dim for pro-life, pro-family folks these days, there is hope on the horizon.

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