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The Journal of Attachment Parenting International
An interesting article on the safety of breastfeeding during pregnancy.


I never even knew that it's safety was questioned. Do you know of any articles that discuss natuarl weening?

thanks for posting...i had no idea there was an official website for AP! for breastfeeding during pregnancies [warning TMI moment, continue at your own risk] i hate weaning any of my children, but if they aren't finished about three months before the next baby's arrival, i take "them" back. call me selfish if you must, but i call dibs for a few months at least.

Interesting article Alicia. I found myself in that position with baby #4 and baby #5. When I was pregnant with #5, my son, who was then 9 months old, weaned himself. He absolutely refused to be nursed and cried if I tried to nurse him first before solid foods. I guess the milk either wasn't enough or tasted funny by then. All my others weaned after 2 years, so I felt bad that he weaned so early, but he is a dear little boy today and seems none the worse for the wear! I on the other hand, am developing a very nice silver streak in my hair!!

I also weaned when pregnant. I have had patients who went both ways.
as for tips on weaning, all I can suggest is the chapter in The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding - gradually and with love.

Thanks for citing their article. I have nursed through all but my first pregnancy and have been tandem nursing the youngest two for more than two years now. I have gotten pregnant three times while tandem nursing. I have not yet had occasion to try to nurse three siblings at the same time, however. God is good; He helps us do what is needed.l

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