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My NH state nursing and midwifery license expires on my birthday (Mon 1/12). It has still not been renewed thanks to a new law (effective 1/1/04) that requires the completion of a criminal background check before issuance. There was no new funding to support the increase in workload for the state police. I have been told that the only holdup is the background check.
I cannot work without a current license. My employer has a policy that would suspend me without pay. My hospital privileges will also be suspended, and that gets reported as a negative to the national practitioner data base, too. I need a major miracle and soon.
What a birthday present.

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Happy Birthday.... from Two Sleepy Mommies on January 9, 2004 8:01 AM

to Fructus Ventris! Wanna send a present? How about a prayer for a quick resolution to her license issues.... Read More


You'll be in my prayers.

Definitely will be in my prayers, alicia. Don't stress too much, you'll make yourself sick!

Your intention is definitely in my daily rosary. Can't your employer at least do something to keep this out of the national database, given the circumstances?

You will certainly be on the prayer list.

In the meantime, you might discuss your options in the matter with a local attorney knowledgeable in employment law. I doubt there's much could be done about the suspension if you really don't have the license. But a well placed letter might be all that's needed to keep you off the data base.

All the best,


Don't worry about the negative note in the database: Proverbs 26: 2 says that an undeserved curse does not come to rest.

So even if it gets reported, it will not affect your employability.

Prayers from me and my husband.

Prayers going up.

Praying here, too!

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