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My renewal came through, finally. I only had one last glitch with which to deal. They had all the paperwork including the elusive background check. But, since the license had technically lapsed, I had to come in and pay another $10 fee for 'reinstatement'. I also had to bring in documentation of my continuing education - fortunately auditing part one of the Fertility Care (Creighton model) was good for 57 of the 60 hours. But it is done. So I can go back to work Monday after jury duty.
Thanks for the prayers!

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Doulas from Not for Sheep on January 19, 2004 11:04 AM

This morning's front page of the Wall Street Journal had a fascinating article on doulas, who are untrained, unlicensed people who assist women with births and deliveries. I'm kinda into health law and so as I read this, I was Read More


I'm glad it worked out. God bless you.

Woo hoo!!!!!

Good news!

Very good news.

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