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I have been noticing that every so often lately, when I am making the round, that a blogger blog comes up with the blogger home page instead of the blog. I do try back later and usually the blog is back - but what a pain! May I suggest a New Year's resolution for those still on blogger? See if you can got out of there! Blog-city and St. Blogs.org are both options that will not cost an arm and a leg. Moveable type is pretty easy to use, and there are lots of mavens here in the parish that are very helpful, to boot.
Anyhow folks, Happy New Year to all y'all out there.


It's especially fun when you click on your own Blogspot URL and get someone else's site. But that wasn't the worst instance. I once clicked on my URL and got my site with someone else's template and URL. I clicked again and it was fine. But the next day I got a frantic email from the person who owned the template and URL wanting to know why my site was superimposed over his. I told him I didn't know but that my site seemed fine now and hopefully his would clear up soon.

I checked in on his URL the day after and his site was back to normal but with a post bemoaning the problem and saying how awful it had been to have his site overlaid with a "bible-thumper's" blog. Oh well. At least Blogger is never boring. :)

I'd totally recommend dearblog.com for a blog host... they use MT, and last I knew they were free and still accepting users.... Heck, LiveJournal is an even better choice than blogger is at this point.... and they've gotten rid of their membership codes, so anyone can join now.

I saw this problem for part of yesterday, but then it was back. I am cheap, so if I can get free hosting for my blog, I'm willing to put up with a little inconvenience. Blogspot is worth every penny you pay for it.

i'm just along for the ride, so i'll move along if MamaT is up for it.

I agree. I decided to go with StBlogs.org ant MT upon my return, and I think it is a much better experience than Blogger/Blogspot.

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