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Old Oligarch's Painted Stoa
has some interesting comments about sexuality, Catholicism, and the contraceptive mentality. Thought provoking, as usual. Link via Flos Carmeli ( who got it from Father Jim).
How do we restore to our culture the truth that you can't really separate the unitive and procreative aspects of intercourse?
Think about the different weight of saying "I want to have sex with you" and "I want to have a baby with you".


But you can say to someone, "I want to have sex with you, and I want to have a baby with you but I don't want to have a baby with you every year or even eight babies over the course of our marriage." You don't have to be slutting around not to want to have baby after baby. Some people make wonderful 'vocational' mothers and some dont'. Saying everyone should have a big family (or a family at all) is like saying we all have the same gifts. I've been Orthodox coming up 40 years and thinking about this off and on for 20 of them and I've never understood why the Church is so anxious to force us all into motherhood.

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