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Please spread this message far and wide. We have a petition on line to stop Georgetown University's use of aborted fetal cell lines! If GU gets away with this, kiss the ethical vaccine deal we are on the verge of negotiating with Chiron goodbye...why bother with it if the Catholic scholars are saying the immoral research is okay? If the research is okay, well surely then the vaccines are too so why bother getting untainted ones

? And why bother with the new Fair Labeling and Informed Consent Legislation proposed to Congress Jan 20th? If it is morally okay to use murdered babies in research why should the public be made aware of this when purchasing medical products? In fact, why bother with any ethical research at all? Here is the link for the petition. Please pass this on in its entirety!
God bless,
Debi Vinnedge, Director
Children of God for Life

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