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Can a Catholic in Good Conscience Support a Democrat?
I write this with some trepidation knowing the streams of vitriol it can unleash. But I also know that the advantage of swimming about in a backwater is that I can say pretty much any outrageous thing I care to and very, very few will notice or make comment. And that is good because it gives me breathing space to consider very difficult matters.


For me the question is, "Can a Catholic in good conscience support a pro-abortion candidate?" I believe the answer is clearly "no." Unfortunately the Democrats have decided to only offer pro-abortion candidates for votes, which removes any potential to get my vote.

The virtues are learned together. If a candidate is willing to support abortion, he isn't going to be trustworthy in other areas.

God bless,

ummm... maybe more to the point--

do we even know *what* the Dems stand for? (Besides sex, lies, and more lies.)

Every single time I look at Kerry, for instance, I feel like I'm looking at a puppet, but I don't know who's pulling the strings.

((In all fairness--the Republicans stand for money, lies, and unconstitutionalism.) ;-))

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