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I will have my license by next Monday. The state police, when I walked in this morning, were very helpful (if a little miffed by all the distraught nurses they have been seeing since the start of the year). They ran the check on the computer, told me that there were no problems, and that the BRN should have the info by the end of the day. The BRN said that they still have to process it. So I will be off work, but my boss's boss said that they will use my earned time so I am at least not out $$$ as well.
So thank you all for your fervent prayers. I really wonder what the purpose behind this is, but I am content that this is the best outcome I could expect - a couple of days of surprise vacation. I guess I could call them mental health days.



enjoy your mental health days! It would have been classier if they had not taken them out of your vacation (or are they using comp time?), since this was out of your control, but I have not seen too many hospital admins concerned with things like that....

Yes, yes, yes!!!!!

Take some time to rest. Maybe that's the point!

Read some, sleep some.....make yourself happy!

Think of them as "snow days." Everyone knows a "snow day" doesn't count--so you are free to sit around with your hair in curlers eating bons bons all day long, and none can say you nay.


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