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I'm adding Annunciations back to the blogroll. It fell off a while back and I didn't realize how much I missed it until Fr. Groeschel's accident.

I've also deleted a few inactive sites - if I have deleted you by mistake, let me know! oh, and dylan posted yesterday.


Hi Alicia,

Would you consider adding my blog? We have lots in common. I have had 6 children. I've had hospital births, home birth with a midwife, homebirth with a doctor, homebirth with a transport, VBAC, C-section, stillbirth - the gamut! I'm also a Catholic homeschooling mom. I have assisted as a doula at 5 births (one was a shoulder dystocia yikes!) and took the doula training, but it just never took off for me. Anyway my site is Hope you can visit and if you like what you see please add me to your list.


Thanks for 'Annunciations', I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Am going to check out Ell now :-)

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