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I can't believe I've been at this for nearly a full year (as of 1/9/04 it will be exactly one year since I first posted on the blogspot site).
I know that I haven't been very substantial lately - This time of year is always rough on me. I have actually awakened at 0300 several mornings with a great post in my brain, but despite trying to remember them (I am NOT getting out of bed to write them down) I haven't been able to. Oh well, they probably weren't all that great after all.
I am behind on so many things right now! So many tasks, and so little energy. I have a birthday next week, which I would honestly rather forget. But I have to remember to call my mother the day before to wish her a Happy Birthday. We have our 30th wedding anniversary coming up in February, and I am supposed to be planning a big party that all our kids will be flying in for. I am about ready to suggest a potluck in the living room! We are also in a period of chaos at work (nothing new, there, actually).
So thanks to all of you who drop by and thanks for the prayers.



I KNOW you're a Renaissance Woman and all--but aren't the KIDS supposed to be planning the fete for YOU?

Why the heck NOT potluck, then? Let the little ingrates GET OFF THEIR DUFFS and honor their elders!

Ok, take a deep breath, hold it, hold it, now let it go. There you go. :)

Happy upcoming anniversary, in case you don't get around to posting around then and it slips my mind :)

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