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Kimberly's baby has been born, weighing just over 4 lbs. He was baptised in the NICU shortly after his birth. He is still unstable and in need of prayer, as is his mother. Please keep them in your prayers. I am unable to offer more information - Kimberly asked me simply to get as many prayers going as I could. SO I am. Blessed Gianna, please pray for them both.


They'll be in my prayers.

I'm praying, Alicia! Please let her know!

Am praying.


Some good news for Kimberly: I have a cousin who was born very, very premature and only weighted @ 2.75 lbs. Although she had a tough few months, she is now healthy and happy. At three, she's now caught up in size/weight/mental acuity and suffers virtually no long term effects!

I'll be praying for Kimberly and her child.

God bless,

Am praying for Kimberly and her baby.

Any update on baby's condition?

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