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My patient Kimberly whose baby seems to be in serious trouble in utero. By the time you read this, the doctors into whose care I gave her may have decided that the risk of prematurity is less than the risk of waiting. This is a much wanted baby, especially because Kimberly's mother died suddenly about 3 months ago. I told her that I would implore prayers for her and her son.
Also for the father of my daughter's best friend. He was just diagnosed with cancer.
May the angels and saints continue to watch over these children of God, and may the trials they endure bring them closer to Him.



Isn't it sad that Kimberly so desperately wants to have this baby and is struggling to do so, while thousands of other babies who would have gone full-term and been born perfectly fine are aborted every day? My prayers are with Kimberly, her baby, and their family during this worrisome time.

All your intentions but especially those for Kimberly and her baby and son will be remembered in my rosary.

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