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When I was off for the weekend with my husband, I had the opportunity to try a few new drinks. One was labelled "The Bitter End" and it was a martini style concoction that was deadly and delicious. The description stated that is contained Bombay Sapphire, Campari, and Angostura bitters. I have been trying (without success, alas) to replicate it. If anyone else has heard of this or has a recipe, I would be grateful.
This evening, I decided to try something a little different. I have been rather out of it for several days, first with an asthma flare and later with a bad head cold, and today was the first day in a while that I have had energy to do much more than go to work and go to sleep.
I mixed equal parts Tanqueray and Dubonnet blanc with a dash of angostura bitters, shook it over ice, and strained out. My daughter sniffed it and declared that it needed mango. Mango? Well, I happen to have a mango/peach/orange juice blend on hand, so added in 1/2 part of this, reshook and strained, and voila - a delicious cocktail which I am now sipping slowly, waiting for John to get home from work for dinner. Taco salad.


Peony taught me to make Hot Toddies for head colds. Frankly I doubt they really have any true medicinal value, but strangely make you feel better.

Care to share you taco salad recipe?

Mmm. I bet I would like that. You should give it a cool name. It's been so long since I've heard anyone mention Dubonnet, I wasn't even sure it was being made any more. I used to be a fan of Dubonnet Rouge on the rocks with a twist. Before dinner, of course.

The gin, Campari and bitters sounds like what we call a Negroni (although I think our version is an adaptation of the official drink, which might be what you are describing). I just use gin with a splash of Campari, or if I am in the mood for more bitterness, I up the Campari to as much as a third.

There is also the Venetian Martini: gin, Antiqua Formula and red vermouth. Served with a twist of orange. I don't have antiqua formula so I use either Punt e Mes or a splash of Cynar or Campari. It is sweeter than a Negroni, but very good before dinner.

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