Have a Happy and Holy Christmas

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I expect to be kind of scarce the next few days. I have half my children home for the week, and actually have 6 days off in a row from work! Tonight we have midnight Mass, and tomorrow will be cook all day. We do the traditional British dinner. Standing rib roast, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, carrots, (the last of the summer's CSA share), maybe a steamed pudding with hard sauce. Need to inventory fridge and cupboards before the stores close. Boxing Day we hang out together, and Saturday I put one child on a plane, and Monday the other one on a train, and we try to go back to life as usual.
This year, at least, I won't be catching Christmas babies. There is always a bittersweetness to being on call Christmas, to being there with some one else's family and not my own.


A blessed Christmas to you, Alicia. In your work, in your love of new life, you are midwife to Our Lord's nativity.

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