Who is your 'crew'?

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Ask the Summa Mammas.
My crew?
St. Mary Magdalene (my confirmation patron)
Blessed Father Damien (of Molokai)
Blessed Gianna Molina
St. Gerard Majella
St. Elizabeth of Hungary
Addendum - how could I forget? Catherine of Siena!


I loved the movie on Father Damien that was out here in NZ earlier this year. I hadn't encountered this holy man before. If anyone hasn't seen it I heartily recommend it, it is called simply "Moloka'i". It won't be famous for its cinematography, but the story of Father Damien is inspiring.

I just read the book about Blessed Gianna Molini a few weeks ago. Wow! She is a perfect patroness for a mid-wife such as yourself. God bless you in your work.

Would it be appropriate for a woman seeking to conceive to call upon her for intercession as well as St. Gerard?

I think that I would ask the intercession of Elizabeth (the mother of John the Baptist) for infertility issues. Gianna appeared to have no problems with conceiving children, but she suffered greatly from hyperemesis (abnormal vomiting) during all her pregnancies - and of course, the uterine tumour that ultimately led to her death during her last pregnancy.
It is a tragic truth that we now have the technology to properly diagnose and treat such conditions with minimal risk to mother and child - in a time when most would not think twice aborting a child.

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