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Your Marching Orders to honor the proper liturgical season. It is still Ordinary time, followed soon by Advent and THEN Christmas.
I was astounded yesterday to hear that one of my colleagues has already completed her Christmas shopping. I don't even start for a few more weeks! There are 12 days between Christmas and Epiphany in which to exchange boxes with each other - what is the rush? Don't we have Thanksgiving and St Nicholas day in there somewhere?


I walked into a Hallmark Goldcrown store to buy a birthday card for my brother today and there was cheesey Christmas music playing and Christmas decorations everywhere! I was not pleased.

The retailers seem to start pushing Christmas just after Halloween harder each year. If we didn't have Thanksgiving as a buffer between the two holidays, I think they'd start the full-court press they typically put on the day after Turkey Day on All Saints Day instead. Thankfully, Easter doesn't get as commericially overblown as Christmas, and I can't help but wonder if that is part of the reason why I can experience it more spiritually than Christmas, despite my best efforts during Advent to match my Lenten devotion level.

If I could have my Christmas shopping done by Halloween, it would leave me a lot more time to properly honor every liturgical season. Even when I'm looking for religious gifts, I find the whole secular world-driven present-hoarding frenzy to be almost completely without spiritual merit. The sooner it's over, the better.

Oh, and bah, humbug. :)

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