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Food report:
Wednesday I taught daughter how to make pumpkin and lemon pies. Got the turkey in the oven before Mass Thursday and it cooked much faster than expected - it was done at noon with dinner not scheduled until 3 PM! Roast turkey, cornbread-pecan stuffing, 3 kinds of cranberry relish, sweet potatoes with the obligatory marshmallows, fresh smashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli, asparagus, two kinds of olives. Honey/oatmeal yeast rolls. For dessert, the pies with ice cream and whipped cream. A fairly simple meal for a small group.
Our guests brought a bottle of German wine.
Praise report:
I am thankful for my family, even though we were not able to be with most of them. I am thankful for a warm house and bed, and for the medical care I had as a child that made it possible for me to live to adulthood and write these words. I am grateful for my education and for the gift of intellect that God has given me, and I pray that I will make good use of both. I am thankful for the gift of faith, and for the church founded by our Lord on the rock of Peter. I am especially grateful for the Sacraments, all seven of them, for the differing gifts they are to us as a people of God.
I am most grateful for the gift God has given me in my husband. He is truly my other half, my complement, and every day and year I realize just what an important and precious gift he has been to me.
I pray that you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.


That's wonderful, Alicia-- Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

Same to you, and your description of the food makes me wish I'd been there. I love anything made of lemon, anything with cornbread and pecans, and anything from a German vineyard.

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