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I+am+a+compulsive+reader (me too!)
first+trimester+embyro+growth (not on the blog, sorry. on my office walls!)
recipe+homily+pie (you'll find all three here, just not together)
keyboard+needle+and+the+damage+done (a favorite Neil Young song of mine)
summa+borscht (hope you liked the recipe! drop back by and tell me)
Gospel+John+Mass+to+whom+shall+we+go (we all know the answer to this one!)
tehillim+for+a+healthy+pregnancy (which psalms are they, anyhow?)
british+armored+vehicle (not here!)
we+remember+marty+haugen+lyrics (Try the GIA site)


Hey! When did you post on Neil Young? I missed that. I like that song, and many of his others too.

Here is the post - not that substantive!
My brother taught me how to play the guitar to Needle and Damage.

LoL. Those are a hoot!
You get some reaeeaaal strange on!

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