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Haven't been online too much, been very busy. Did a wonderful birth early Tuesday morning, spent much of Wednesday catching up on sleep before a dinner event in the evening, worked all day in the office today including seeing extra patients while my midwife partner was over attending a birth, and then this evening attending a live version of NPR's "Wait, wait, don't tell me". (The air version will be on this weekend, my dear husband is mentioned in the credits at the very end.)
Had a chance to see the writer who penned the Sunday Boston Globe piece. Charlie is a regular on "Wait, wait". Looks like an aging hippie. Very funny man - too bad he just doesn't get it.
The media bias is real, but it isn't a vast conspiracy. It is more a function of the idea that one tends to hire those with whom one is comfortable. Also, I think that too often the conservative persons in the media have taken themselves so seriously that it comes off as almost pontificating. But I could be very wrong there. There is an element of self-righteousness among pundits on the left and the right that I find very upsetting.

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