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Three weeks ago, I learned that the Called and Gifted workshop was coming to Concord NH, where I live. This workshop has gotten rave reviews from many in St. Blog's. I really would have liked to be able to attend. However - my work schedule is set considerably more in advance than 3 weeks! Usually it is more like 3 months, although I can sometimes tweak things with a little less notice. Since I was already booked to work today (11/15) I couldn't exactly sign up for the workshop scheduled for 11/14 and 11/15. I am so bummed. What made it even worse was an email I got yesterday AM from Richard Chonak of Catholic Light and St. Blog's.org to say that he would be up in Concord for the workshop and would I be there? I am so, so bummed.
Last night, our local cursillo group had its monthly ultreya meeting - only 1/3 of our regulars were there, the majority of the rest were off at the C&G workshop.
I think I need some Theology on Tap. Or maybe just the tap.


Did you get someone to buy the tapes for you? They sell tapes of their conferences and books as well.

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