mea culpa

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In my last post I sinned against charity and Michelle rightly me called me on it. It came from great frustration, and I will further explain myself when I have the time for a longer post. Meanwhile, please forgive me.


As long as you forgive me. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

I really didn't think you sinned against charity, unless you're referring to the "shut up" comment. Other than that, I thought you handled it very well. Personally, I think if society is going to let the ladies from Victoria's Secret prance around on our television sets, then we should be more than willing to allow the mothers of the world to breast feed in public.

Sometimes a sin against charity can prevent a greater sin. That doesn't necessarily make it right, but it makes it understandable in my eyes. When I am arguing in favor of a cause about which I am passionate, sometimes charity falls by the wayside. There are times when that approach works, though I've found usually it doesn't. Nonetheless, "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."

I admire your conviction to your beliefs. Never be ashamed of that.

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