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Elective Caesareans Judged Ethical
My opinion:
This is another example of choice trumping good medicine.



I've been avoiding it, which is kinda bad since I've been encouraged to write to the editor as an ICAN "leader" and everything. I figure it's the same as all the other supposedly balanced articles on elective cesareans, only this time The Doctors as a group are giving them their explicit blessing, from what I gather.

I am not sure a letter to the editor would do any good. What is truly scary is that this is an official statement of the most powerful group of birth attendants and women's health arbiters in the United States. All one could do would be to poll one's doctor for agreement or disagreement with this - and where possible, seek a birth care provider who prefers to avoid rather than encourage surgery.
My husband recently stated that he thinks it may become mainstream to do routine cesarean and tubal ligation afterwards - and anyone who desires another baby will have to do in vitro. That is a frightening concept - Catholics and other pro-life christians would really have to go underground then.

do you mind if I forward your words from that last comment to my local ICAN yahoogroup? With or without a link? I kind of try to keep my blogworld separate from my real world, which is selfish of me, but since the blog almost functions as "therapy in a box" at times...

There was a link I found earlier, with a quote from it:

"The default option of a repeated cesarean section is not directly applicable in populations in which family planning often extends over two children."

Now this report was supportive of VBAC options for families who want more than 2 kids, but what happens when so many people aren't keen on others having more than 2 kids in the first place? Including OBs. Thank God for our local NFP-only doctors, even though I wish they would be more supportive of natural birth/VBAC.

Alicia, that is one horrifying scenario your husband is describing, and it's one I could easily see coming to pass.

I don't even know where to start on this. Choosing surgery over a natural delivery, over doing something that your body was designed to do -- and doctors not only going along with it, but promoting it! Medicine really has lost its moorings.

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