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Two Sleepy Mommies have some extended postings about breastfeeding in public. I will say that this is a topic on which I wish those who have not raised children would shut up. I have a lot more to say but not the time to say it right now - I think I do have some earlier postings, if anyone wants to use the search function.
I also strongly suggest that those who object to breastfeeding on demand read Sheila Kippley (of CCL)'s book Breastfeeding and Natural Child-Spacing to get an idea of just how God designed this part of parenting and marriage to work.
Technology is wonderful - in its proper place. Bottle feeding is a technology that has saved some babies' lives (and, sadly, ended many others'). But it takes second place to the way God designed us to work. Sometimes it is necessary, and thankfully it is usually safe (these days) - but it is less than ideal.
Public breast-feeding does not have to be flaunting - and usually is not even obvious. But I would (and did) refuse to feed a baby in a room designed for excretion - unless all infant feeding should be deemed unsuitable for public view.


Those who have not raised children should shut up, Alicia? I guess the Pope should quit talking about sex, too, hmmm? Fortunately, on my blog I can talk about anything I darn well please.

[Deep breath.] It occurred to me as I was writing a Thanksgiving post for my blog that my comments above were totally out of line, Alicia. (If you wish, feel free to delete them.) My anger, whether legitimate or not, should have been restrained. I apologize, and will look forward to your posting on the subject. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday and a blessed Advent and Christmas.

I'll be posting something about all this on my blog later. I'm interested to hear your full post, though, alicia, given your background.

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