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fighting the demons of apathy and depression. we had snow last night. will pop up later if i feel any better.


Please feel better. Don't like to think you're down in the dumps.

Hope you feel less gloomy soon. I'm entertaining myself with thoughts of Advent, but then I'm mourning the fact that it's mid-November and I have the air conditioning blowing . . . . Trade?


It seems to be going around. Take care.

Me too, I'm not usually a fall-winter depressive type and in fact it's spring I often feel funny about, but I'd been thinking of you and your seasonal depression from my own doldrums.

Churchill struggled mightily from depression if it's any consolation. Probably isn't.

thinking of you

Blessings to you, sweetie. Get out some music, play it as loud as you can, sing along. Can't hurt, sometimes helps.

I'll be thinking of you and praying for you!

I'm keeping you in my prayers.

Pax et bonum

Ron M

Hope you feel better soon, Alicia. God bless.

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