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Yesterday's CSA box contained a vegetable that, had I been doing the pickup, I would have left on the table. However, my husband thought that maybe I could figure out a way to cook it so that at least one of us would find it tasty - a real challenge since this is a vegetable that both of us grew up despising despite pleas from our mothers.
The vegetable in question is Brussel Sprouts. I don't know why we have both always disliked them, given that we love brocolli, cabbage, kale, and other cruciferous vegetables. It has been suggested that we have never had them cooked properly.
Hence my plea to my readership (Erik?) - how best should I deal with these fresh locally grown baby cabbages? I must admit they are really cute to look at.....


Steam them until they are nearly done, then saute them in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, finish with lemon juice, capers and fresh ground pepper, and shave Reggiano Parmeggiana over them.

I, too, disliked them, and decided to give them one last chance. This recipe was the one I went for, and found that I liked the little things (I bought them on the stalk directly from a farmer, so they were very fresh). I have done them several times since then.

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