"No One Reached Out to Touch Me": Responding to Stories of Pain

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UCLA Biomedical Library History & Special Collections: Programs in Medical Classics. Scroll down to 17 November announcements. I wish I could be there to listen and to comment. I wonder whether the culture of life or the culture of death will have the upper hand.


Minha boa Alicia,

I have a class on Monday afternoons, but I hope I can get out of class early on the 17th and take some notes for you.

Are there any other Fructus Ventris readers who are Bruins or live close to UCLA?

Thank you very much for reminding me about this!

Um forte abrašo.

It's all rather confusing. Typically liberals are all *touchy feely* towards everybody (think Billary Clinton "I *feel* your pain"). I guess that once they feel like they've offered their pittance, it's time to be done with you ("I've felt enough of your pain, let's pull the plug").

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