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Midwifery Today just published a booklet on Second Stage labor that included an article I wrote a few years ago. In re-reading this, I realized just how much I miss the autonomy I had in my small Oregon practice.
Where I am now I can reach many more people, but the down side is that I am constrained by so many institutional policies.
I am sorry that I haven't posted too much substantive this week. Once again, I compose them in my head on my drive home, and then once I am home I end up doing other stuff.
Saturday night I will be hosting a party for my daughter's 15th birthday. Where have the years gone?


Dear Alicia,
My name is Haleh and I am one of the activists supporting the BLOG-IRAN Grassroots Campaign which is an effort to unite all blogs around the world for one cause - which is to stand united with the Iranian people in their struggle against a Theocratic Fanatical Islamic Dictatorship that continues to brutalize and murder anyone who speaks out for freedom. At this time in the history of the human race it is crucial that the world support the Iranian people in their struggle, for it is this Islamic Regime that not only brutalizes beautiful Iran and it's children but also contributes to many fanatical and fundamentalist terrorist acts around the world as well as continuing to cause problems for the coalition troops in Iraq. The Islamic Regime in Iran is made up of nothing more than murderers and tyrants - so we must stand united against them!!!!

Please Unite! if interested visit

Best to you, and yours!

In Unity, Struggle, & Peace!

It is good to see you posting.

Your posts have been more substantial than you think. Anyone who attracts a prayer request from a Benedictine religious must be doing something right.

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