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There is a saying in Neurology:"You're never the same once the air hits your brain".
The Gadsden Times has a fascinating and highly technical article about coma, PVS, and minimally conscious states. They should bring this guy in for expert testimony.
Has anyone done a PET scan or an MRI on Terri?
link via Mark Shea.


Um, I am not sure about PET scans, but they keep claiming that (close paraphrase) "the only debate is whether she has no living tissue or a small amount of isolated living tissue in her cerebral cortex." I read the article earlier today and I'm sure not as thoroughly as I could have, but I doubt Terri's brain would be shown to react almost exactly like a person who functions normally, as they said about the one guy in the article.

This article mentions a CT or MRI scan that was done for Terri; the interpretation of the scan seems open for debate. I couldn't find anything about a PET scan.

I did see that quotation about the quibble being over the precise quantity of living tissue in her cerebral cortex. Having a functioning cerebral cortex is not the issue, as it does not seem to be a prerequisite for a career in, say, journalism. I don't know how anyone could truly quantify how much of her brain is "alive" without a PET.

And, of course, if she didn't have a single viable cell left in her grey matter, it wouldn't matter. As Father Johansen pointed out, the issue is whether it's okay to just starve brain-injured people to death if they do not die quickly enough and they have left no written advanced directives.

PS that article was astounding

I think they should do an EKG on Michael.

After all, he doesn't appear to have a heart!

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