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Mark Shea asks his commenters what they do besides drop comments in his boxes. Last count, the librarians and the lawyers were neck and neck. What do you do, dear reader?


Chief Operations Officer of the Maryland Moss-Place (aka, SAHM)

I used to do exciting things, but right now I am doing dreadfully boring things. Hopefully it is just a temporary setback, and I'll return to exciting things shortly. As it is, I am in data management for an information services company...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I'm an IT person -- application development to be specific. I'm a civilian employee of the Navy.

Artist, writer, and freelance record man (the freelance part is new, I used to be at Arhoolie Records). I also am Amalia Keilholtz's driver, cook, teacher, chief diaper changer, as well as her dreaded naptime enforcer.

I'm a housewife and mother.

Retired library clerk (disabled), amateur theologian, anchor hold dweller.

Software Engineer; Though still a student at heart.

Programmer/analyst for a database development company.

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