Halloween around the parish

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Catholic School Blogger talks about schools and rules in Binky says die.
Chris has a great picture of an unusual trick-or-treater.
Sparki posts about All Souls' and All Saints' days and the proper commemoration thereof.
Nicole posts about HallowE'en and SoulCakes, and Pan de Muertos (with a recipe!). Actually, if you haven't dripped by there lately, Nicole has a wealth of good stuff about All Saints and All Souls.
Summa Mammas (actually, Smockmomma) posts about Holiday Hangups. From the comments box comes this link to The Catholic Roots of Halloween. The Moss sisters post here about costumes for All Saints' parties, and here with another link to an article about Catholic families and Halloween.
Davey's mommy posts about that annual event, the broadcast of "It's the great pumpkin, Charley Brown".
I really miss Kathy the Carmelite these days.


Whoa, ALicia, Very thorough post...It's like you made a mini brochure for the upcoming celebrations.... God Love you!

I miss Kathy too, Alicia. A lot.

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