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"I have the usual blogger's complaint: the posts you really feel strongly about, and/or would like feedback on, are the posts that receive the least number of comments"
Bene Diction is having a Pooh day.
I fully sympathize.
For some reason, I have been getting a lot of random comments on an old post about "Why did God make killer sharks" and almost nothing on my insightful commentary.


I guess I have a low estimation of my ability to provide insightful commentary on posts and once in a while that actually stops me from commenting. So perhaps that's part of why you receive fewer comments than hoped on some of your posts.

I recently did a test. I sent readers to a page with a counter. Although it is not scientific, it is interesting to note that I averaged only one comment per ten readers. If you can guess who this is, you get a blue ribbon.

I tend not to comment when the blogger is very insightful and obviously knows more on a subject and humbles me with their thinking.
Pooh Days put things in perspective don't they?
I like your blog very much. Blog on!

I've been browsing Catholic Blogs this morning, trying to get to know everyone. My first impression of your Blog is that it's welcoming, peaceful and interesting... and very pink : ) I haven't read your archives, but I would be interested in reading some things about how the modern wife can imitate Mary. I'd like to come back again. In Christ, Mary

No good excuses here. My brain is just fried. :-)

Hey, that wouldn't have been from my first-day-of-school anecdote way back in late August, would it? I should be bursting with pride... Maybe you should link to today's Halloween Party anecdote and see what kind of response that generates... :)

I'm with Davey's mommy. There are times when I have so much to say in reponse to a post, I don't know where to begin or how to articulate it in a concise way, and other times I just have a swirl of feelings and insights about a posting on a blog and do not feel I can express them in a clear way worthy of posting a comment. At those times, I defer to those who have more formulated thoughts to do the commenting. Please don't take a lack of comments as a lack of interest from your readers! a Pooh Day like an Eeyore Day? I've had no shortage of those lately.

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