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Bene Diction Blogs On! is doing an informal survey of 'god blogs' throughout the blogosphere. I am going to try to help him to gather some data from around St. Blog's, and if any of you would be willing to share (if only about yourself) here is the information he is trying to collect, from his email of yesterday.

Hi Alicia:

I'm looking for the number of active and non active links.
Male or female, and what country.
Age if it is available.
How many are priests and seminary students?
I'm also looking for length of time a blogger had the blog before quitting if the information is available.
I'm also looking to see if bloggers have links in their blog roll from other countries or 'secular' links.

I appreciate this so much. I'm going to tackle 800 blogs this week, so any help is very very appreciated.


Bene D


Number of active and non-active links -- what does that mean? I just counted 35 titles on my blogroll and also have non-blog links. As far as I know all are working links.

Female, United States.


Not a priest or seminarian.

I've had my blog for a little under 13 months and haven't quit yet.

Blogrol links from other countries: Brasilianista Aspirante is a .br address, but I think she is in California. Looking Back... Looking Forward is a Canadian blog. I think the rest are Americans. The S.I.C.L.E. Cell and After Abortion are on my blogroll, and they're primarily abortion-related, but the authors are definitely Christian.

I was referring to the active blogs and blogs that have quit in areas like St. Blogs, and the other portals.
Most bloggers are very good at keeping their blogrolls up to date and active. Thanks for all your help here. Blog on!

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