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Times Against Humanity
has published its weekly roundup of the St.Blog's community. If you scroll down, you can also read an extended piece about the fight for Terri Schiavo's life.
Something that has always disturbed me about this case is that I have yet to read a detailed description of just how Terri sustained the 'anoxic insult' that led to her current condition.


....and you won't hear exactly how Terri suffered her original injury unless her medical records are ordered unsealed (they were originally sealed by -- guess who? -- Michael Schiavo)

As best I understand it, her parents were originally told that Terri's physicians first thought that the anoxic insult was caused by cardiac arrest resulting from an electrolyte imbalance. I have the impression, though, that if her physicians ever came up with a final diagnosis, that diagnosis was never shared with the parents.

Meanwhile, there is the bone scan performed a year after her injury that revealed multiple healing fractures. IIRC, another physician told Terri's parents that the only other patient he'd seen with injuries similar to Terri's had been a strangulation victim.

Why wasn't there an investigation the night Terri arrived in the ER? Really, how often do healthy young women keel over from heart attacks caused by electrolyte imbalances?

I did read that she had suffered from an eating disorder. One article that mentions it: http://www.sptimes.com/News/050301/Columns/A_battle_over_a_life_.shtml I agree that her husband sounds very unsavory, and I can imagine a young woman with an eating disorder and accompanying issues choosing a guy who would treat her this way, but it's quite possible that she wasn't "healthy."

interesting, I hadn't heard that before. If it's true that she had an eating disorder, that might explain an electrolyte imbalance. (The columnist seems to have already diagnosed her.) But my impression is that the potassium imbalance hypothesis was never confirmed. And even if she had weak bones due to poor nutrition, how did she come by all those fractures found in the bone scan?

Yes, the other trauma does sound suspicious. (Purely for the sake of argument, could someone with an ED have such weak bones that she sustains such injuries very easily? I don't recall all the details of the bone scans offhand.)

Her husband's behavior since whatever the "insult" was makes a lot of this questioning seem almost moot, though.

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