totally unscientific


but fun quiz
Link from Kathy who got it from Zorak.
my results:
The Net
The Net reaches out to the world and pulls in experiences of all forms and kinds.

Spontaneous, immediate and active, these people are natural racecar drivers, mountain climbers, skateboarders and skiers. Competitive to a fault, these personalities have a natural tendency to win, whether this is in the business world or on the freeway. In the right context this can be a positive encouragement to those around the Net. In the wrong context it can lead to a pathetic display of ego and misplaced pride.

These personalities at their most intense are always on the prowl for clues as to how to win, in an argument, in a simple conversation, in a placid walk along the lake. Usually this behavior is unconscious or "playful" but the sense of play can rapidly disappear if the Net is found to be losing in the aforementioned contest. If you do outmaneuver this personality however there are rarely any hard feelings. The Net believes in competition and a good competitor is someone to be respected. Only those who don't compete are met with derision.

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