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Warren Zevon finally succumbed to the cancer that he was diagnosed with just over a year ago. His final album, "The Wind" has just been released. The excerpts I have heard have been excellent.
The LA Times obit states:
Zevon died Sunday afternoon at his home in Los Angeles, according to his manager Irving Azoff, who said that the singer had been "very upbeat" in the past week due to the success of his new album and the recent birth of twin grandchildren. "He was in a good place."
According to an interview with VH-1, Zevon considered himself Christian, and credited writer Graham Greene with some influence.


I see I am not the only Zevon fan at St. Blog's. I made mention of his sad but not unexpected passing over at my blog too. He did a version of Bob Dylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Door" on his last CD "The Wind" that will bring tears to your eyes, especially now. My favorite has to be the song "Lawyers, Guns and Money" from his younger, wilder days. It's just fun, and that's what good rock and roll should be.

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