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There is a rumor that my parish may be considering changing its 'liturgical resources' with the advent of our new pastor. We have been using the OCP, with lots of supplements of sheet music.
I would like to present our music director (a well-meaning volunteer who had held the job for years if not decades) with some choices other than GIA or JS Paluch (the others in use in this area). I have suggested that Magnificat would work well as a 'worship aid' in general, and I have heard that Adoramus has a decent hymnal.
I am interested in suggestions and also what kinds of cost structures have been encountered. Prayer, also, would be appreciated.
Change, if it happens, is at least a liturgical year away, as we have already been committed to the OCP program for the upcoming year.


Check out the "missalette" "Celebrating the Eucharist" from the Liturgical Press in Collegeville, Minn. My impression is that they tend to leave hymn texts unchanged more often than other publishers do.

It may also be worthwhile to examine the Collegeville Hymnal from the same Liturgical Press. It's a permanent hymnal solution, and while there is only one edition for choir and congregation, I'd say about 60% of the hymns are printed with parts - unheard of for a Catholic hymnal.

By Flowing Waters may also be an option for chant-based repertoire.

Feel free to search my site for comments related to both.

Adoremus is a major improvement over the typical song books that have, alas, replaced hymnals in most parishes. Unfortunately, when the beloved pastor of our out-of-state adopted "parish" died, the new pastor jettisoned it to flow with the mainstream, just as, a couple of years later, he ripped out our communion rail, where we once received Our Lord kneeling. Now, of course, we are terrorized about whether we will continue to be allowed to kneel after receiving Him under the latest GIRM warfare.

The godly choir director who brought us Adoremus had already been pushed out by a "well-meaning volunteer" under our former pastor.

The road to hell is paved with the good intentions of the "well-meaning."

Just my thoughts,

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