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Tom was the next person who sent me an email requesting interview questions. Here they are. As below, I will put up a link to his answers when he posts them at his blog.
Do remember that part of the conversation is to offer to interview others as well, if you can. I am finding that it is an interesting challenge to write good and personalized questions.
1) Your blog's name is "The Lowly Pilgrim - a walk in the desert". What (besides the Holy Spirit) inspired you to choose this image and identity?
2) Your blog motto is "Dominus Illuminatio Mea". How did you find this phrase, and in what ways is your blog a fulfillment of this motto?
3) It would seem that you see your life and faith as a journey. Could you share a significant step along that path?
4) Do you see blogging as a vocation, an avocation, or something else? What prompted you to start blogging?
5) Who would you like to see as the next pope?


Thank you for the questions. They were enjoyable to answer earli in the morning.

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