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governer+ of +Rhode Island
most of these make a kind of perverse sense, but I have no clue how a search for the Governor of Rhode Island ended up at Fructus Ventris!


You probably have just mentioned the terms governor and Rhode Island on the same page of your blog.

For my last hundred visits, the only search referrals have been five for the word chirp, one for injectable Benadryl (I've discussed bee sting preparedness,) and one for sneezing (had a cold last month.) Pretty boring.

These are better than all the folks who come to my blog for "chewing gum recipes." Uggggh! I imagine that they are quite shocked to read my rant against the stuff.

I've gotten more hits on search terms related to the band Phish's festival up here in Maine than any other topic. Strangely, the name of a freshman who was killed in a car accident on his way to his first year at Maine's only Catholic college has also generated lots of hits, despite the fact I only mentioned his name once in a very brief post.

BTW-Off topic Alicia, but I'm with you 100% on your whole-to-part learning to read, with well-researched phonics working IN TANDEM with what is often labeled as whole language instruction. As a matter of fact, that post on only needing to know the beginning and ending of most basic words almost proves the validity of whole-to-part instruction that blends proven methods. Just trust my word as an educator, DON'T get into that pure phonics vs. pure whole language debate that politicians and many educators and parents like to play! Thanks to inaccurate media reports and widespread ignorance, even the most articulate speakers on the subject can usually come up at a draw in such a debate. It's the educational equivalent of pro-life vs. pro-choice!

I just had a visitor via belly inflation video. Sounds like your line of work.

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