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Kathy the Carmelite of the
Gospel M*I*N*E*F*I*E*L*D? I know that she is busy, but I am hoping that Isabel didn[t affect her too badly.


My husband's boss lives in the same town as Kathy, and his cable modem has not been working because of the hurricane. Perhaps Kathy is experiencing the same? She has been posting less in general though, seemingly since she got her restaurant job.

She left a message on my blog last Friday morning at around 9:30. It could just be that she's got lots of other irons in the fire, or she's going through a blogging dry spell. Happens to the best of us.

I agree her restaurant job is greatly impacting her online time and so we're the poorer for it.

That's true. Encouraging me to get this job was my husband's secret plot to get me off the Internet!

But it was the failure of Adelphia, my DC-area server, that has kept me offline from Friday afternoon to Tuesday night.

Often it's easier for me to comment at other people's blogs than to come up with anything to say on my own!

thanks for dropping by. I have been off-line myself due to ISP failure. comcast - grrrr

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