Exaltation of the Cross

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Today, our priest said something in the homily that I have been pondering. He told a tale of a buddhist monk who recently visited the USA after a 25 year absence. The comment made was that, 25 years ago, there were crosses in most rooms of most houses he visited. Now, in all the spots where he would expect to see a cross, there is a clock.
Are there more clocks or more crosses in your home?


My husband used to accumulate "cool" clocks in his pre-religious collector days. Now I don't even think we have any plain old clocks on display in our house -- just on the microwave, the stove, and the clock radio/CD thing in our bedroom. The only cross we have hanging yet is the one in the dining room, because we're still seeking appropriate places for the rest (there is a little one on my husband's monitor, also,) but we do have more religious artwork than clocks.

We fail on that count. But if you count other religious art (i.e. the Virgin Mother, a quote from one of the prophets and such) then we're close. I saw some exhilarating Christian art on retreat - just resonated so strongly; I can't forget the look of Jesus looking to his Father on the way to Calvary.

We'd have more crosses up once my wife finishes the 'redecorating' she's been doing all summer (nesting).

However, the only clocks that aren't part of some other piece of equipment (such as the microwave) are the alarms in the bedroom.

Let's see: a crucifix in each of three bedrooms and one in the living room.

A clock in each of: dining room, kitche and, two bedrooms. (Not counting the "built-ins" in the VCR and stove.)

The St. Anthony in our bedroom pulls us out of the rut!


('specially if we don't count the antique clocks that I have inherited)

I like to be punctual, but too much clock watching reminds me of a teacher in 8th grade who had a little sign under the classroom clock that said, "TIME WILL PASS.....WILL YOU?" Could be apropos for those of us who look at the clock more than the cross....

What interests me about this question is specifically if we (I) should worry about becoming somehow immune to, or at least less moved by, the Crucifixtion by seeing it too often, in too many rooms.

I dread taking the sacred for granted.

I already wonder about running the risk of having the Eucharist too frequently (currently 3 times a week) leads me to take it more lightly.

Four clocks, seven crucifixes, no crosses.

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