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I have wanted to make a tea liquer for a while now. When I visited with Erik in July, I read through his book of recipes for cordials and liquers, just to get the principles down. I then bought two bottles of EverClear when I was in Oregon, in anticipation.
Last night I happened upon a recipe for Mate (accent over that 'e') cordial in the St. Blog's Cookbook. (it's from July 14,2003 - the blogspot archives are doing their usual). I followed that recipe using black tea leaves ( a blend of pekoe and darjeeling) at double the amount called for. I also boiled the water and poured it over the leaves first (in a corel teapot I have) and then poured on the EverClear after the leaves were cooled.
Tonight I finished the recipe and bottled it. Now for the hard part - waiting a month to try it! I may also try making a spiced chai kind of cordial.


sounds neat! Let us know how it turns out, please!

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