but what does it mean?

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Rob's Amazing Poem Generator
is a program I found through Don 's page. I asked it to generate a prose poem from a previous post, and here it is:

Fructus Ventris
pregnancy could almost march
death bed conversions,
characteristics of place
A poem like the ectopic, out
of introverted people.
Pregnancy is a good companion to the moment. To be Catholic gives me my mouth.
Did God make of pregnancy thirty friends?

Musings on how we, midwife in crisis, have
a unified concept of women
simpler words than we have been


I was wrong. Now that I've read it, I wish I hadn't. Of course, I am not a poetry fan regardless. It reads like a lot of poems do to my addled mind. It's funny you should post this, because I just went on a satirical tirade about the pope's new book of poetry on my blog. Love the pope, hate poetry. What do I do?

Of course, this is not a real poem. It is simply a collection of words that are arranged like much modern 'poetry'. It may not be that you do not like poetry but rather that you have not yet found poems that speak to you,

I thought it was more meaningful than a lot of poetry written by actual people :)

I realize the poem, such as it is, was computer-generated. LOL! Chalk poetry up as something else that will never be taken over by computers.

After twenty nine years as an avid reader, I think I would have found at least one poem that speaks to me. I just don't like poetry. Sorry. I don't hold anything against people who do, for what it's worth.

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