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I have found a way to put 3 columns on the page and keep all the content where it can be read without having to scroll. Now I need to figure out what colors will work best for me and my readers, how to move some of the sidebar stuff to the empty column, and I also need to find some graphics - of the Visitation and Nuestra Senora de Buen Parto y La Leche.
Eventually I will sort my blogroll a bit, also, and lest I forget - some substantive content, too!
BTW, the baby I blogged on a while ago - the one whose mom birthed prematurely due at least partially to fever and dehydration - was born stressed and ill but is making a fast recovery. Deo Gracias.


Congrats on the big move Alicia! I've made mention of it on my blog and updated my blogroll with your new address. One suggestion: lighter background color and darker print color. This gray on grayer is hard on the eyes. :)

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