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I want to thank Richard Chonak at Catholic Light for hosting my blog and getting me started in Moveable Type, Jeff Miller (The Curt Jester) for helping me to move and answering some of my more ignorant questions, and Bill Luse for encouraging me to move and for sending me a link to an on-line guide to MT that was clearly written enough for me to figure out a few things quickly. I still need to figure out how to move stuff into the other column, and I am not yet happy with my colors, but I will wait a few more before I play some more.


I like your new site! The colors are pretty, and fitting for a midwife if you think about it, but I can see how they would be hard on some eyes or with some monitors. Have you ever seen ColorMaker? It is an easy web application that lets you test out color schemes without having to publish them on your own page.

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