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Thanks to LilacRose I now have an aggregator. I added in everyone on my blogroll with an RSS feed. Now I need to figure out how to use this. What I want is the feature I see on some blogs that puts this neat little ikon next to the blog listing to say that they have updated. Any suggestions?
I love this group of bloggers!



Do you mean you want this indicator on your blogroll on your sidebar. If so, then since you are using Blogrolling, it's an easy change to make. You log into Blogrolling and then go to "Preferences". Then scroll down the page until you find the "Recently Updated" preference. There, you can set a time interval and code you want to use before or after the link to use as an indicator. For example, mine is set to "2 hours" and I have "**" appear after the link.

Not all blogs will show up as being updated, even if they have been, because they need to ping to show up in Blogrolling as changed.

I hope this helps!

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