Shea on Dean on parental notification

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Mark Shea has another fine post. I am getting sick of elections where it will be a matter of holding my nose while I vote for the least objectionable candidate.
BTW - the health center where I work was recently reminded that any positive pregnancy test in a girl below the age of consent is a reportable sex abuse case. I have mixed feelings about this - one the one hand, I don't want creeps to get away with abusing young girls - on the other hand, I want these girls to come in and get prenatal care and have healthy babies! Let me know what you think about this issue, please?
addendum - Gregg the Obscure has a great fisking of the article.


You would know much better than I, given your profession, but wouldn't most girls under the age of consent who are pregnant in that state because of a boy under the age of consent? It disturbs me just to think about it, regardless.

Unfortunately, no. Also, if they are both under the age of consent, there is still the issue of child neglect -as in where the #$*&@% were the parents when these children were 'experimenting'.

Dean's story sounds apocryphal to me; it's an anecdotal version of the classic Democratic Party dodge for not supporting parental notification laws.

Fisking a speech by Howard Dean is like shooting fish in a barrel...when the fish are already floating on the surface of the water. So many targets, so little time. If you've been dissatsified with the choices on the presidential ballot before, I can only imagine what it'll be like to see Gov. Dean representing one of the two major parties in 2004...Lucky for me I'm a Bush guy already...

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