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You will notive that Catholic Light is at, as is the new Fructus Ventris. This is not accidental. I have received an enormous amount of help from Richard Chonak (of CL) in setting up and tweaking my blog, and I want once again to say a big public THANK YOU. I also want to thank my readers for putting up with some less than readable colours and typeface while I have been taking this crash course in HTML, CSS, and hex colour codes!


I like it.
Very here.
Blog on!

R.C. is truly one of the "good guys" in St. Blog's Parish.

This violent (yes, violent) purple background though, doesn't quite do it for me. Maybe you ought to put your new blog on the TV show, "Trading Spaces" with mine, and see what the designers can do to spice them up. Mine looks like a sale flyer for a supermarket.

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